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Precision Analytics for life science

Life Science
Clinical Genome Informatics
Health Informatics

Solutions! Bioinformatics is a big data science. We guide you to setup the best bioinformatics infrastructure and solution that can scale up with your data production. We do this for genome-based research projects and diagnostic services... read more

Life Science:  We support your research by developing, customizing, and running high quality and efficient bioinformatics pipelines. We consult you with the best methodologies to reach publication quality results.


Clinical genome informatics: We run clinical grade genome data analysis pipelines for the identfication and characterization of disease related mutations.  We help in NGS sequencing by connecting you to partner labs with best quality and prices. We also support your diagnostic lab in developing QC metrics for genome-based analysis and services .... read more

Health informatics: We develop healthcare registry systems in different disease categories. We also provide consultations related to medical data organization and regulations. We help you combine different medical data types to support your clinical decisions and research.. read more


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